Lemur Diversification

My dissertation work focused on the ecomorphology of lemur teeth and what reconstructions of ancestral tooth shapes might reveal about the evolutionary history of lemurs. I used a class of measurements called dental topography metrics, which mathematically characterize the functional properties of tooth surfaces.¬†Working with colleagues at Duke, I found the combinations of metrics thatContinue reading “Lemur Diversification”

Eocene Primates

The North American primate fauna of the Eocene represent an excellent system in which to observe the dynamics of morphological diversification and decline in response to climatic trends across a thirty-million-year interval.¬†I am working to combine body mass estimates with the dental topography metrics calculated on molars scanned from North American fossil primates in orderContinue reading “Eocene Primates”

Tooth wear

My previous work, like most studies of dental topography, has focused on unworn tooth shape. However, tooth surface morphology changes over the lifespan of an individual as the enamel crown erodes and dentine is exposed. It is thought that certain dental morphologies may have evolved to best maintain functional shape across a wear sequence. StudyingContinue reading “Tooth wear”